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The total land area of Victoria is 227600 square kilometres less than 3 per cent of the Australian landmass. One of the beauties of the State is the ease of access to most of its regions. It is relatively compact, and a well-developed and efficient highways system carries traffic quickly between destinations. A perfect spot to begin your self-drive holiday in Australia in your 4WD campervan rental.

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Magnificent lakes, caves, forests and waterways highlight the south-east; the west is characterized by wide-open pastoral lands, the east offers wide and sweeping beaches; and the western coastline offers some of the best scenery in the world. Victoria can be divided into six distinct regions – the north-east, the Western District, the south-west coast, the south-east coast, the north-east coast and the Murray River regions.

The north-western region is the heartland of the state’s goldmining district. The Western District is renowned for the striking beauty of the Grampians, a mountain range 260 kilometres from Melbourne noted for its spectacular views, its bushland and its spring wildflowers. The south-western coastal region consists of magnificent seascapes, rock formations, superb ocean beaches, picturesque resort towns and quaint villages. One of the major attractions is the Great Ocean Road, a spectacular winding road which passes surf-battered cliffs, deserted beaches and wooded hills.

The mountains and starling coastal beauty of the south-eastern region provide a splendid backdrop for the rugged Wilsons Promontory National Park. North-eastern Victoria is a mixture or river valleys, wide open plains, forests and mountains. This region is ideal for touring on you 4x4 campervan, providing good roads, beautiful scenery and numerous places of interest.

Campervan & 4WD rental options Melbourne

Melbourne offers an international atmosphere, fine restaurants, cosmopolitan shopping arcades, bustling markets and vibrant evening entertainment. Touring the city in your campervan is a great way to visit extensive parks and gardens and famous attractions. The suburbs of Melbourne offer many recreational facilities, animal sanctuaries, places of historical interest, and scenic attractions. So, if you begin your campervan holiday from this beautiful city, be sure to discover what this great city has to offer.

If you’re starting point is Melbourne you can take the ever-popular east-coast roadtrip up to Brisbane/Cairns; or take your Melbourne campervan with you on a western route along the stunning Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road takes you through Bells Beach (one of the most popular surfing beaches in Australia) and past the ever-romantic sunset over the Twelve Apostles (part of Port Campbell National Park). Don’t miss the Cape Otway lighthouse on your way!

From Melbourne, you can take off on your campervan holiday to some of the great cities, towns, sceneries and attractions that Victoria has to offer. Places to visit while you start from Melbourne:

  • Ballarat
  • Bellarine Peninsula
  • Bendigo
  • Cape Otway
  • Falls Creek
  • Flinders
  • Geelong
  • Hamilton
  • Mount Buffalo
  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • Ocean Grove
  • Otway Coast
  • Phillip Island
  • Red Cliffs

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