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Get out and explore the magnificent regions around Broome & the Gibb River Road in one of our insane Beyond 4WD Hire Campers!

We kicked off our trip landing in Broome at 12pm from Melbourne. We met the Drive Beyond staff member at the airport where we were shown in great detail the 4WD campervan that will get us to the infamous Gibb River Road and throughout the Kimberley.

We’ve seen a few documentaries on the area and we were very excited to get started. We decided under the advisement of Drive Beyond to spend our first night close to Broome to get used to setting up the camper. We stayed at a campgrounds at Cable Beach. We went shopping first for supplies and I’m glad we had the 80 litre fridge/freezer because we bought more than we would need for the next couple of weeks and it was well and truly full.

We didn’t quite beat the record for speed when setting up the tents and the awning, but we got it all done in about 15 minutes. We then headed down to the beach with a 6 pack to check out the famous sunset over Cable Beach. It was a great start to the trip.

The next day we headed off to Cape Leveque. The drive was about 100km of the most vivid red sand I’ve seen. I was so pleased that it met my expectations! It must have rained at some point in the days leading up, because there was plenty of surface water which tested my driving abilities but we made it to our first campground at Beagle Bay. What a beautiful spot! You have to check out the church when you’re there!

Gibb River Road 4WD Hire

The next day we made our way to Middle Lagoon Campgrounds. We camped at Middle Lagoon for 2 nights. The road in was sandy and narrow and we missed the turn off a couple of times, but we managed to get there in the end. It was worth it! Our camp site was right on the edge of the beach. We fished off the headlands and caught a couple of long toms and a Queen-fish. We swam in the beach which we were advised was safe from crocs and sharks and had a BBQ on the beach watching the sun set. Stunning.

Next we headed up to Kooljaman where we camped for another couple of nights. The coast lines vivid red rock with the piercing white sand and the turquoise water really made for some stunning photography! We fished off the beach and landed the largest fish I’ve ever landed from the coast, a 35kg Giant Trevally. It took a little over an hour to land and I was glad I bought some decent braid for the rod when in Broome, otherwise it might have ended up being the one that got away.

Next day we headed out to the east side beaches. The tracks were very sandy but we lowered the tyre pressure and kept the revs up and the drive beyond camper cruised through. We swam and fished and drank and had a great day.

Next we headed south for the horizontal waterfalls. What a crazy place! The tide moves so fast it creates a horizontal waterfall. Although it wasn’t cheap, it was a spectacle.

We then headed south to get onto the highway to bring us to Derby where we would continue to explore the Kimberley and where our 4WD camping trip along the Gibb River Road starts.

At Derby we stocked up on beers and fuel, we still had plenty of food left. Along the drive to Bell Gorge. We stopped off at the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre where local artists display work of Wandjina and Gwion Gwion figures in art form based cave paintings.

We camped at Silent Grove Campgrounds. The awning with mosquito net was put to work and it definitely made our night more enjoyable that the people surrounding us! The next morning we headed to Bell Gorge for a morning swim then headed back to the Gibb River Road to Mt Barnett Station where we headed to Manning Gorge. We also stopped off for a swim at the stunning Galvan’s Gorge and Manning Creek.

We then continued along to the turn off to Mitchell Falls. The drive in wasn’t comfortable but we all stopped complaining when we saw how much the car in front of us was being thrown around. We stopped at the gorgeous King Edward River camp grounds. It really was an amazing back drop. The falls was great too, the place hooked us so we decided to stay an extra night before heading south to stay at Drysdale River Station.

The next day we continued on the Gibb River Road where we crossed the Durack River and saw the remarkable Pentecost River with the vivid red buttresses of the Cockburn Range which seem to glow in the setting sun. We then continued along to Home Valley Station where we camped on the banks of the Pentecost River.

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We then continued travelling through the Kimberley’s to El Questro Station. It was mostly a day of driving and look outs before setting up camp at El Questro Station where we made instant friends with 2 other Drive Beyond Campervan travellers. El Questro had so much to offer. We spent 3 nights here in our 4WD Hire camper, exploring the many walks checking out Amalia Gorge, Emma Gorge & El Questro Gorge. There was all kinds of terrain to suit novices to the more extreme travelers. My highlight was the luxurious Zebedee Thermal Springs.

On our way to Kununurra we stopped off at the Ramsar wetland Parry Lagoons. The birdlife was outstanding. A great place for the obsessed photographer. We spent the one night in Kununurra before heading off to the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu National Park). We spent a couple of days checking out Mini Palms Gorge, Echidna Chasm, the beautiful orange and black ‘beehive’ domes, Cathedral Gorge and Piccanniny Creek.

Gibb River Road 4WD hire

We then started to head along the highway towards Broome where stopped off at Halls Creek and Fitzroy crossing for some fishing where we cleaned up. Then we headed back on the dirt to Tunnel Creek. We got into Tunnel Creek at around 5pm and we were the only ones there. We were told to bring torches because you have to wade through the water in a cave for about 500 metres. It was incredible! We saw a bunch of fresh water crocodiles on the sandy banks which freaked us all out. But they seemed more afraid of us, than we were of them. At the end of the cave there was this awe inspiring swimming spot where we floated around and tried unsuccessfully to catch the fresh water yabbies’ by hand.

We then headed up to Windjana Gorge to camp for the night. The next day we walked down to the Gorge for a swim and photography. We decided to spend another night there to relax for the day. We then headed back to the highway and back to Broome. We decided earlier in the trip that we wanted to spend the last couple of days back up at Cape Leveque where we fished swam and drank.

"A big thanks to Drive Beyond for the amazing 4WD Hire campervan. The vehicle never missed a beat with the exception of one flat tyre, but with the 2 spares it didn’t affect our holiday at all. Truly one of the last 4WD frontiers to travel to in Australia!"

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