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Discover the incredible West Coast with Beyond 4WD Hire Campers! From Perth to Exmouth and Broome, the West Coast is as desolate as it is beautiful.

We started our 4WD trip mid April. We have 30 days in our Drive Beyond 4WD campervan starting in Perth and finishing in Broome. My husband was the one who decided on renting with Drive Beyond. He assured me he made the right choice, and seeing the vehicle in person when compared to the other companies we saw at the campgrounds, he was spot on (for a change) ;)

We had done many local trips around Perth along the south west coast, but we hadn’t seen much north of Perth, so we were excited to see all the places we’d heard so much about from our friends who were avid off-roaders.

Our first stop was in a place called New Norcia. A friend of our mentioned we should stop here for a night or two. The town is registered as a National Estate, and is an architectural marvel, with 26 of 65 buildings classified by the National Trust. The monks still own and operate the sheep and grain farm. Everyone who visits the town are invited to join the monks for one of their daily prayer sessions, and you can even try the self-imposed complete silence of 12 hours which my husband begged me to do. Needless to say he went hungry that night.

The buildings here were remarkable. I had no idea we had buildings like this in Australia!

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Next we continued along to visit the Pinnacles. We arrived at about 4pm which was perfect as we were told the best time to visit was dusk. We drove the loop and stopped for many photo’s. The rock formations were beautiful with the different coloured rocks glowing in the setting sun.

We stayed just 15km north of the Pinnacles where there is a town.

The next day we headed further north to Geraldton. We stopped off in Geraldton where we hired a boat and fished for the day. We caught a few which we filleted and put in the Drive Beyond’s fridge to keep fresh. We also went to the fishing co-op where we bought the most amazing fresh live lobsters. We feasted that night on both our catch and purchased lobster. The local wines were also “sampled” :)

We continued north to Kalbarri National Park. The road in was dirt but it was well maintained. The rock formations continued to inspire awe. We checked out the many gorges along with Natures Window (A natural rock arch that perfectly frames the river), Z-Bend (a stunning 150m gorge where the Redgums contrast with the earthy sand stone). We picnicked at Hawk’s Head and checked out Ross Graham’s Lookout which had a track that led to the river’s edge.

We continued north towards Denham where we spent the night before heading in to Francois Peron National Park. This is where the true off-roading began! We had to reduce the tyre pressure to 20 PSI as the sand was loose. Our first stop was the Big Lagoon. Its turquoise waters were beautiful to paddle around in. The colours were out of this world. We stayed in the National Park for a few days stopping off at the Cattle Well where we fished, Gregories, Bottle Bay and Cape Peron. We also did the walk to Herald Bluff where we saw a Tiger shark cruise along the coast!

We then headed back and stayed at Monkey Mia where we fed the Dolphins right on the beach. Such as beautiful experience.

We then continued along towards Carnavon where we checked out the Point Quobba, Quobba Station (amazing snorkelling), the stunning rugged coastline of Red Bluff and 70km north of Carnarvon we checkout the Blowholes where the ocean swells force water through the caves and explode into the air.

Next we continued along the coastal road towards Coral Bay. What an amazing drive. However once we got to Gnaraloo we learnt that the road through to Coral Bay was closed which meant we had to turn around and head back along the freeway. We didn’t mind so much as we found a few beautiful swimming spots that we had to ourselves, so it was worth the drive. Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef was stunning. So many amazing swimming spots! We spent around 4 days around Coral Bay exploring lots of walks, beaches and swimming spots.

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We then continued along towards Exmouth where we planned of checking out the Cape Range National Park for a few days. We took the Mauds Landing Road turn off so we could drive along the coast through the National Park and around to Exmouth.

There were many stunning spots along the coastal road, but in my opinion, the most spectacular parts of the National Park were Charles Knife Canyon and Shothole Canyon. We then made our way inland toward Karijini National Park. Where we stopped off at Tom Price to fill up our 4WD with fuel.

Karijini was remarkable. So many great 4WD tracks, walks, swimming holes and endless photo opportunities. I cant remember the names of all the places we saw, but some of the highlights were Dales Gorge, Circular Pool, Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool, and Oxer Lookout which lies at the junction of Weano Gorge, Red Gorge, Hancock Gorge and Joffre Gorge. We spend 4 days exploring this magical part of the Pilbara.

Next we headed towards Chichester National Park where we spent a couple of days off-roading around the winding waterways in the red desert where we camped at Millstream which was a refreshing swim and great place to spend the evening.

We continued towards the coast where we eventually met up with the Coastal Highway where we stopped at Roebourne where we visited the eerie old gaol.

We then turned off the Coastal Highway 50km past Port Hedland where we drove towards Marble Bar. We spoke with an older couple that recommended the turn off. We ventured along the dirt track where we were taken back by the beauty. DOM’s hill really was quite breathtaking.

Next we headed back in our Beyond 4WD towards the coast where we spent the night at 80 mile beach. We felt so spoilt and proud at the same time that we get to call this magnificent country our home.

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The next stop was Port Smith where we caught a few mud crabs and fish. We spent a couple of day’s sunbaking and fishing. It was great to experience what it’s like living off the land.

Our last stop before Broome was Barn Hill, yet another beautiful swimming spot which with the increased humidity up north it was put to good use. Our trip ended in Broome, as much as we were looking forward to our night in the hotel, saying goodbye to the Drive Beyond Campervan was surprising emotional for all of us. We wanted to keep it!

A big thankyou to Drive Beyond 4WD Hire for helping us with the best family holiday we have ever had! We will be back next year to do the Kimberleys!

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